For many years Jedlowski has been widening her repertoire of music by contemporary composers, some of whom have dedicated works to her and to her chamber music groups. She collaborates with the Contemporary Composers Association "SIMC". In particular she boasts a repertoire of pieces by contemporary women composers both as a soloist and with the Duo Duende (guitar and flute, with the Swiss flautist Rose-Marie Soncini, principal flute in the Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana). She collaborates with the Association "Suonodonne" on this repertory. In 1999 she was invited to the "Donne in Musica" convention, where she gave first performances of pieces by women composers from Canada, Azerbaijan, the USA, Japan and Europe.
Since 1985 she has played regularly with the guitarist Claudio Ballabio in the duo Les Divertissements, presenting, along with the usual repertoire for guitar duo, first performances of works by contemporary composers and also repertoire for two guitars and orchestra.
Maria Vittoria Jedlowski has recorded nine CD's most of them of contemporary music music for the Sonitus, MAP Casa Musicale Eco, Rugginenti record companies and for the Nuove Musiche series. She has also made recordings for Italian, Swiss and Chinese radio and TV.
After searching and putting out feelers, she got to compose songs, music and lyrics, introducing theme concerts, that can perfectly cope the classical repertoire with her personal and authentic songs. As well as her activities as a concert artist, she has also given a great deal of attention to the methodology of the teaching of music, particularly with regard to children of pre-school age, studying the Willems method.

She currently teaches the guitar at the Conservatory of Music in Milan (Italy).