Annette Kruisbrink - Arlette Ruelens -
Maria Vittoria Jedlowski - Claudio Ballabio

Annette Kruisbrink
was born in Amsterdam. She studied the guitar with Pieter van der Staak at the Conservatory of Zwolle and attended many guitar masterclasses. She subsequently trained herself to play the flamenco guitar and the vihuela. Already at an early age she was interested in composing, which has resulted in producing over 100 compositions, mainly for the guitar and the guitar in combination with other instruments. She won several first prizes with her compositions. In 1998 she won the second prize with her composition 10 Miniaturas for guitarquartet in the Concorso Internazionale di Composizione per Chitarra Classica "Michele Pittaluga", Italy. In addition to composing she performs regularly as a soloist (CD Solo) and in duo with her brother, the double-bass player Eric Kruisbrink (CD Cirex). With the Belgian guitarist Arlette Ruelens she forms the Anido guitarduo (CDs Kanakangi, Alborada and Impresiones Argentinas). She currently teaches contemporary music and ethno music at the Conservatory of Music in Zwolle, Holland.

Arlette Ruelens
was born in Genk (Belgium). She studied the guitar at the Conservatory of Zwolle and attended masterclasses conducted by Roberto Aussel, Oscar Ghiglia, Jorge Morel, Raphaëlla Smits, Gerald García and others. She performs regularly in different ensembles and therefore is an experienced player of chambermusic. Arlette Ruelens mainly performs contemporary music. With the Dutch guitarist composer Annette Kruisbrink she forms the Anido guitarduo (CDs Kanakangi, Alborada and Impresiones Argentinas). She performed in a.o. the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Luxemburg, Italy, Poland, Spain, USA, Lithuania, Sweden. Besides being a guitarist she is also active as a painter. She received her education at the Provincial Higher Institute for Arteducation of Hasselt (Belgium), where she attended the subjects painting and monumental painting.